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Damages Caused by Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are very attractive birds visually, but they have the ability to create many problems due to their habit of constantly pecking wood. Woodpeckers can cause damage to a wide variety of structures, including houses, decks, porches, and sheds. They can also damage the natural surroundings around your home, including plants and shrubbery. This is the reason why Columbia woodpeckers are not welcome visitors to most people’s property. They also can be quite annoying and loud with their pecking habit. If you see a South Carolina woodpecker on your property, you should be aware of the kind of damage you could be faced with.

Most damages caused by South Carolina woodpeckers are done through pecking with their sharp beaks, and these damages include the following:
-Pecking of holes inside external parts of houses
-Pecking holes that will eventually kill trees
-Causing severe damages to decks, and garages
-Several and irritating noises

When woodpeckers peck on trunks and branches of trees, they may cause severe damages that can be strong enough to destroy the tree. The pecking often starts unnoticed by Columbia homeowners, as the birds do go and return at several times of the day to peck. A single pecking session may last several hours a day, and when the pecking is not stopped, the tree will eventually lose its strength and fall. When a pecked tree is located close to a house, the tree may fall on the South Carolina house.

When South Carolina woodpeckers peck and create holes on the sides of buildings, they gradually destroy the structure. Pecking can cause a sharp decline in the price value of a property. The noises generated by woodpeckers can be irritating. When woodpeckers make noise close to your home, you feel uncomfortable and even unable to sleep. As mentioned above, besides being annoying, woodpeckers can create extensive damage to your trees, home and wooden structures on your property. If you see a woodpecker on your property, you should respond quickly to try to limit the amount of damage that it is able to afflict on your property. There are several methods you can use to eradicate these birds from your yard and home, including trapping and killing the birds. If you are not having luck with removing the bird, you can call a Columbia wildlife removal specialist to help you with the humane removal of this beautiful but irritating bird.

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