Where do Snakes Live?

Snakes are found worldwide. They are reptiles, this means that they are cold blooded, and so prefer warmer climates but some do survive in the colder reaches of the globe. Snakes can be found in the Himalayas, near the Arctic Circle where it is bitterly cold, in Australia and every continent on earth except Antarctica. But there are no Columbia snakes on some islands like Ireland, Iceland and New Zealand. New Zealand has sea snakes though, but none on land.

It is common for those who live in cold Columbia areas to give birth to live young, since their environment doesn’t allow for eggs to hatch naturally. Snakes are carnivores, meaning they eat meat and so will move to wherever they can find abundant prey. Snakes will move into areas where there is food, shelter and warmth. But snakes are also not too fond of humans, and so will usually try to move away from us. That being said, as more and more wild land is turned into farmland or worse, an urban area, South Carolina snakes often find themselves in the middle of a “no go zone”. They don’t want to be where we are, but sometimes we haven’t given them a choice. Snakes are definitely happier in wild areas where their movement isn’t restricted.

If you take a look at the stats pertaining to numbers of Columbia snakes and snake bites in an area, it will give you an idea of where snakes like to live. Australia has the highest number of venomous snake species in the world, and yet averages only one fatal bite a year. India on the other hand has fewer venomous snakes and averages 250 000 a year, with at least 50 000 listed as fatal. So what is the difference? Apart from the vast socio-economic differences between the two countries, it also has to do with wild, untouched space. India doesn’t have much of that with a huge population, while there are massive areas in the interior of Australia where people never go. So from this we can deduce that snakes would rather live as far from urban areas as possible. Most snakes are terrestrial, meaning they live on land, but there are other types that live in water. All South Carolina snakes can swim so will live in areas where there are large bodies of water.

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