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Property Modifications to Keep the Rat Population Down

You love your Columbia home, and you want it to be a place that is sort of a refuge from the rest of the world. It’s a place where you can come home to at night and feel like the cares of the world just disappear. That is the dream that you desire. However, that dream can be ruined when rats start to infiltrate your home. Then your home becomes a nightmare as these little South Carolina beasts roam through your walls and across your floors, chewing up and eating your food while leaving their droppings and waste in places that can make you, your family, and your pets sick. No one wants to see this happen.

It is a challenge, because it seems that South Carolina rats are everywhere. They are very tough little buggers that know how to survive in some of the foulest conditions imaginable. They can chew through many types of materials, making it quite hard to keep them out. So many wonder what property modifications will keep down Columbia rat populations? That is a very good question. Here are some tips for you.

Make Food Sources Difficult to get
Why do Columbia rats come to a person’s home? because, there are places for them to live and find food. If there is no food, they will not stay around for long. What this means, is that you have to make food hard to get to. Enclose your foods that are in boxes in canisters and make sure that you clean up messes, especially in places like behind your stove or refrigerator and on the floor near your cabinets. This will help to keep them from growing in population.

Get Traps
If you want to keep the population down, then it starts with killing off the ones you have. When you use traps you will start to kill off the herd, and this will get the population down.

Get a Cat or Dog
One of the best ways to scare off and even kill rats is to have pets that love to hunt them. A dog, preferably a larger sized one and a cat will help to accomplish this. They will chase the little Columbia rodents whenever they appear and can reduce those numbers in no time.

Clean Out Your Attic and Basement
Rats love to live in places where they are not disturbed, and this often becomes in places like your attic or basement. Make sure you check these areas and if you find that the South Carolina rats have areas that would make for an ideal home then you need to do some real cleaning. Don’t leave boxes of clothes or papers laying around. Rats would love to make a nest out of that. Make it hard for them to find a good place to live.

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