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Will Mothballs Repel Groundhogs?

Home remedies are becoming all the rage in trying to accomplish just about anything these days. There are numerous suggestions for just about anything you want to know about online, and while some are good, others are just a waste or website space. One idea that is quickly gaining attention is the homemade repellant that will get rid of a wild Columbia animal. Many have turned to using jalapeno peppers or hot sauce based concoctions that irritate the South Carolina animal and which are supposed to get it to go away. While these things have been known to have some success they are, for the most part, ineffective.

The use of mothballs and ammonia is another one that is frequently found on the internet. Many swear that this will do the trick, and so they tell people that using this will scare off a Columbia skunk, squirrel, or bat. For the most part they are ineffective, but they do have some merit. That leads many to wonder if using mothballs or ammonia will repel a groundhog. Being quite frank up front, the answer to this is no. It may seem like a logical idea, but you have to realize that there is really no way that this can keep a South Carolina groundhog away. The reason is quite simple.

Understand that a Columbia groundhog is built to dig. While they will walk around on the ground, if they need to get somewhere they can just dig their way to wherever they want to get. This means that you cannot really use mothballs or ammonia to keep them away. What are you going to do: pour mothballs or ammonia into the ground? That will actually do a lot more harm than good. It will poison your soil and leave your yard totally useless.

Worst of all, it will not really do anything to the South Carolina groundhog. If the animal comes to a point in the soil that it does not like, it simply turns slightly and goes somewhere else. It is not necessarily leaving your yard; just moving to a different point. It also could simply dig deeper to get around your repellants. If that sounds irritating to you, it should be. The only way that the repellant would have any effect is if you poured it all over your yard, and you buried it as deep as five or six feet below the ground. That means that from the surface to six feet down the soil would be filled with ammonia or mothballs all over your yard. If that sounds like a really bad idea now, that is because it is. You have to look at much better options than this one and, believe it or not, there are a lot better ones.

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